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At Liveable, we use the seven principles of Universal Design to create spaces that are accessible and welcoming to all. Regardless of age, ability, size or need.

Universal Access Assessments

With our access assessment, you can plan ahead for making changes to your property that will improve the accessibility for all guests and employees. We’ll work with you to identify potential areas of improvement, as well as reasonable adjustments that can be made as part of your obligations under legislation.

We also provide a report which details what we found during our audit, including recommendations for improvements. This is great for budgeting purposes—you can see exactly what needs doing before committing any resources to the project.   

Disability Sensitivity Training

In today’s fast-paced world, hospitality managers are constantly looking for ways to make their business more efficient and effective. But when it comes to serving customers with disabilities, many managers struggle with how best to make their business more accessible.

That’s where disability sensitivity training comes in. Disability sensitivity training allows managers to empower staff with an understanding of disability, create a higher level of customer satisfaction, enable staff to provide the highest level of service to people with disabilities, and reduce the likelihood of claims of discrimination—all while tapping into the expanding global market 

Inclusive Marketing

Did you know that most persons with disabilities use the internet to gain information, to decide which restaurant or hotel to go to? Especially international guests? However most establishments do not market to persons who have various abilities. nor are their websites accessible to a large majority of people. At Liveable we aim to get your brand visible to a wider audience. 

Residential Services

Every year thousands of people need to move from their homes because they didn’t plan for the future access needs. At Liveable we want to help you plan today, so that you can stay tomorrow.

Stylish Solutions

Though we focus on function, we do not compromise on style and make sure that each of the products we suggest has been carefully chosen by our expert team to make your space look aesthetically pleasing. Whether someone stays for a night or a lifetime. We believe in comfort.

Our Services

A Liveable space is one in which everyone feels welcomed and comfortable.

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